Friday, August 20, 2010


Reading blogs has become a small part of life but does have a profound effect on me and it also brings me JOY. With two years into this daily agenda on my list I have accumulated quite a list of blogs that I follow or visit regularly. I am often stunned with the amount of information and resources that I can find on different blogs. Blogosphere is just booming with creative writers, artists, photographers etc. I follow various types of blogs ranging from mommy blogs, DIY blogs (showcasing cute projects that you can whip up yourself). Photography, craft blogs etc,

With a very active 28 month old and 4 month old, I don’t get to often check up on my favorite blogs as I used. But when I do I feel like a treat. I feel motivated and inspired to do more and try out new things. I get to try out new recipes and crafts. And the process is easy as I have all the instructions and video tutorials and photo tutorials out there to guide me through the process.

I follow Mommy blogs where mommies give you the best deals/bargains that one could possibly fine on everything ranging from grocery, apparel and also share their personal experiences about their children. In a way I know that I am not only one going through life with kids. It’s just a phase before the next one starts. It is all part of motherhood so take a Deep breath and enJOY.

I also get to vicariously enJOY great seminars that I am unable to attend in person. To mention a few great seminars are BlogHer, CHA (Craft and Hobby Association), International Quilt Festival etc. Around this time my favorite bloggers have many exciting things planned for their readers like live video feeds, new products and of course super exciting giveaways planned.

I guess I cannot stop raving about the wonderful blogs out there in the blog world that I have discovered and many more that I will discover in time. Hats off to all the amazing blogger’s that contribute so much creativity and talent to world of blogging. Someday I hope to blog regularly.

Reading blogs has become my passion and it is something that brings me JOY.

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