Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Bonding Project!

TwitterMoms and GlueDots Adhesive have teamed up to bring you a fun and creative Summer Bonding Project! I am also excited to be participating in this project. I created a mini Summer album (shown above) to keep a record our summer outings. Inside there is room for journaling and adding pictures. Following are brief instructions on how I made this project.

Materials used: Circle cutter or compass,flowers,buttons ribbon,pink and blue card stock, glue dots, needle and thread.

1)Fold the pink card stock in half and cut a circle(but not all the way through) using the middle crease. In the end,you have two co-joined circles (this is the base of your album).

2)Repeat step (1) a few time to create the inside of the album.

3) Pierce two holes in the middle of each to co-joined circle and bind all the card stock together using thread and needle.

4) Now for the cover of your album,cut a full smaller circle using blue card stock.

5)Adhere the ribbon and blue card stock on the pink card stock using glue dots.

6) Finally adhere flowers and buttons using glue dots.

I am going to make a few of these with my son. After you make the first album, making similar albums is a breeze. Thank you Glue Dots for inspiring me to do this project with my son.

A little about Glue Dots:

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**Glue Dots are acid free and non-toxic.

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  1. Ever so cute, and perfect for summer! TFS! And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a little love! I appreciate it so much!